For the Contest by Liberia:

Think about a Fun, Urban and Connected Bicycle.

It should have integrated lights, a basket and a way to charge your phone.


Top 5 Finalist Liberia Contest


After Sketching some shape for the main attitude, validation of the frame before completing the details.



Time to put all the line in 3D and add the features around the frame.


The large rime and tight tires fir to the Urban atmosphere. The white lightened visually the heavy frame.


The small touch of colours creates the identity of the rider.



The handle acts like a power bank to recharge your phone after your ride and power the lighting system on the bike.


Integrated LEDs on each side of the handle-bar work as blinker to communicate with the other user of the road.



To lock the bike around a pole the cable acts like a knot with a simple boucle to go through.


The lock secures the front tire as well as the frame with just one motion.