- olivier WALDERHAUG

    - Julien LANOY

    Exterior Design:

    - olivier WALDERHAUG

    Interior Design:

    - Julien LANOY


    - Julien LANOY


The world is evolving and growing. What is the future of delivery truck in the city?

Think the new vision for 2035


The main idea is born from this quick sketch.


The concept is based on a mother ship link with semi-autonomous pods.


The main cabin allows logistics and power for the pods, while they're entering the city.

The pods can flow in the city by themselves for the last dozens of meters and rich their delivering point.




For my part, I was focused on the Interior of the main cabin, Thinking the interaction and ergonomy for the driver.


Because the package was reduced to provide a better flow and friendliness impact in the city, the driver seat is centred in the middle allowing a great view of the surrounding.



The interior plays with transparency and the plastic provide by Covestro.


The front entrance of the cabin offers a full view of what's in front of the vehicle. It creates a two nice area on each side two control and checks all the information about the journey.


The driver and the people or other vehicles around him can communicate information using different lights signals throw the transparency.



Inspire from Oblivion main desk UI, the interface helps a clear understanding of the mission and the state of the cabin and the pods attached to it.


On the right panel, the driver controls all the logistics and data of the delivery.

The left one is used for all the controls around the cabin atmosphere and settings.

This project cannot be fully explained in one page.

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