Make the home theatre system more integrated and fits the different need in the living room.

Part of the furniture, expend it uses.


The coffee table becomes the control centre, automatically adjust the sound of the different speakers depending on their position in the space, allowing the best experience while watching a movie.

The speaker transforms in extend the table to fit every situation.



In a mix of wood and polycarbonate, the furniture evolves with the needs.


The main table offers a power by induction charge for the pods and allows an almost completely wireless system.


The led band below the bench/behind the speaker shows the battery level and can be used as ambient lighting.



Pick up one and listen to some music while reading a book or take them all to start dancing or watch a great movie.


Need more place to put glasses in a night with some friends or for a dinner in front of the tv, grab one to extend and adapt your space quickly.



Every part fits in an optimized package to reduce cost and being more attractive to everyone.

This project cannot be fully explained in one page.

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